Webinar name: Third Party & Supply Chain Cyber Security Summit

Webinar theme: The Cloud: challenges and solutions to ensure supply chain cyber security

Date: 25 of June

Time: 17:00 CEST

Length: 1,5 hours


The recent vast shift to remote has defined further the growing tendency of companies to migrate to the cloud.

Our suppliers are no exception.

So how should we perform due diligence on our third parties and get assurance that their cloud assets are managed securely?

What practices and tools could be used to implement a holistic risk management approach? And how do we reduce the possibility of cyber security incidents coming from our supply chain?


  • Threats and Risks in the Cloud Supply Chain;
  • What cyber security controls should be applied to mitigate those risks?
  • How to assess cloud providers to ensure security of the end-to-end supply chain?


Raj Samani, Fellow and Chief Scientist at McAfee
Mark Dillon, VP of IT at Waterloo North Hydro Inc
Jeffrey Batt, the Cyber Insurance Practice Leader at M&T Bank
Steve Williamson, Information Security and Data Privacy Assurance team lead for GSK

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