Recently our CEO & Founder took part in an online chat with IsoNation giving a warning to businesses about the rise of scam and phishing emails and some advice about what businesses can do to help protect themselves against this, and we are proud that her advice was featured in the Worcester News this week.

It is SO easy for someone to be taken in by a scam email, as phishing attempts are getting more and more sophisticated, especially around COVID19. Cyber criminal’s prey on your insecurities and fears and know how to press your “buttons” to get us to click on something you shouldn’t. We’ve heard about TONS of businesses who have been taken in by scam emails and lots thousands of pounds as a result.

A big part of our work at the UK Cyber Security Association is around cyber security awareness and education about the growing cyber threat. It is said that people are the biggest weakness, but they can also be the greatest strength against combatting cyber-crime and online fraud. Education around this is key.

If anyone receives an email that you are not sure is genuine, before you click on anything feel free to forward it to us via and we will be happy to help and advise.  Be safe, be sure…and be secure – don’t get caught out by scammers. If in doubt, do NOT click on a suspect email, forward it to and we will be happy to help.

Thank you to the Worcester News for featuring this, and to IsoNation for their support.