The Beer Farmers are running a virtual conference called Beer Con One (or #BC1 for short). This will include guests from all over the globe, from many different areas of the information security community and cover different time zones.

Beer Con One #BC1 will be held as a 12 hour event with guests reflecting back on 2019 as well as the infosec industry as a whole.

The event is being run with the support of The Many Hats Club and is being held on 7 December 2019 at 8pm (GMT) on their Discord platform. 

As part of this event they are raising money for two charities our community holds close to its heart; the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) as well as Mental Health Hackers. All funds raised will go to both of these charities. A gofundme page has been created to raise the funds (we have a target of £10,000).

You find the page at Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

For more information visit

Download the event schedule (subject to change) below: