How do you go about building a better mousetrap? This question is often thrown out at a range of meetings, from school Design & Technology lessons, through to corporate strategy and team building gatherings. Is the mousetrap a perfect resolution to the threat of vermin infestation? Can it be done better?


This question is actually not about the mousetrap at all and when it is posed the ensuing discussion usually arrives at the conclusion that in order to build a better mousetrap you firstly require a genuine passion for the eradication of mice.


If you have passion for a subject, then you will overcome all the hurdles, you will level out all the speed bumps in the road towards your utopian destination. If you have ever experienced passion then you know how all-consuming it can be, you get into a genuine state of flow and no longer does it feel like a burden, more a calling. Now I don’t mean to get all ‘life coach’ on you here, but could cyber security benefit from an injection of real passion?


This article was written by Stuart Wilkes on behalf of the National Cyber Skills Centre. To read the whole article, please click this link.