There has never been a better time for women to enter the cyber security industry, and with the cyber skills gap still needing to be filled there have never been more opportunities for women to enter the industry all over the world.

This amazing book entitled African Women in Security: Remarkable Women Moving Cybersecurity in Africa is a collection of some of the women who are movers and shakers in the cyber security industry in Africa.

This is the entry about the book on Amazon:

This book is a labor of love; a statement; a new passionate call to attention to the African women in cybersecurity agenda in Africa. The goal is to recognize and celebrate remarkable ladies shaping the way. To show the value added by the women; provide reflection on what women are, and can do for cybersecurity; provide an inspiration for girls and other women to join the field. We hope this book be an enduring investment for current and future generations of cybersecurity ladies.We could not have every lady of interest included in this book, so we’ve created a Twitter List with the African women in security we know. We will be updating the list to include more women always. Find the list at:

The UKCSA is building a library of books and assets and has purchased this book to include in their recommended reading lists for women in the industry. You can purchase your own copy on Amazon here.