As a business owner or entrepreneur, it is fairly obvious that you will want to do all that you can to ensure that your business is protected. You will [ut up the necessary firewalls, outsource IT security if needed. If youa have a premises, you probably already have a big alarm system in place and even cameras on the inside and out to protect not just your offices and technology but any stock that you also have on sight. Cyber security especially is so important these days, with hackers getting smarter and finding their way around even the toughest of firewalls, it is important that systems stay up to date. But, there will be things you won’t think about when it comes to protecting your business. Here are some of them to remind you that you may need to do some further checks in your business.


You may be very conscious with your current employers but do you really take into account the damage that an ex-employee can do. Especially if they are disgruntled and they parted company on bad terms. It is so important to revoke access to systems, as well as make things unaccessible in terms of passwords to ensure that you can protect your company data. Not just from them, but to avoid that information getting in the wrong hands. You must also remember to take away card access or keys to buildings, to avoid again these things getting into the hands of opportunists. Ex-employees can cost you quite a bit. So protect yourself by taking all the necessary procedures into account.

Consistent documents and branding

When it comes to your business, especially when youa have others that you are relying on portraying your company image, you need to ensure that things are consistent, especially with documents. You may have people on your team that approach different businesses for work, but if their presentations and documents are not in line with one another, or they are using old logos, information and layouts, then this could cause you embarrassment. As well as perhaps legal issues in the future if the information is incorrect. So websites like can help you minimise that from happening. Helping you to ensure that the right messages and impressions are being made by all involved.

Watch what you and your employees say

Finally, the one thing that we have control over, especially when it comes to our own behaviour, is the things we say. But, do you take into account that what you say could be harmful for your business and brand? Not only that, what your employees are saying about your business? Word of mouth can be extremely rewarding advertising when done right, but it can be hugely damaging to your business if what you say is not correct, or slander in some way to not just you but perhaps other businesses and brands. If they get word of what has been said, you may have an attorney knocking on your day. Word of mouth is easier to cover up, but if you are not careful about what is said on the likes of social media, then you could be in trouble. Remain professional at all times, both in person and online. It is always the best approach to take.

Let’s hope these reminders will help you continue to protect your business and brand.

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