Mobile technology has brought a range of benefits to many different areas of life. However, with the advance of mobile technology, it’s also important to consider the security issues that come with it. Mobile tech presents security issues just like other areas of technology do, and they need to be recognized and dealt with. There are some important problems to be aware of and tackle as necessary.

Unsecured WiFi

Mobile devices allow people to get online whenever necessary. Connecting via WiFi means that the device’s data doesn’t need to be used up, but it can also present a security problem. Many free WiFi networks are not particularly secure, which can pose a problem for anyone using smartphones and other devices in public places.

Personal Devices at Work

Another problem that can occur from mobile tech and connectivity is the use of personal devices at work. When people bring their personal devices to work and connect them, it can pose a security risk to the organization’s network. Some employers solve this by creating a personal device policy that all employees must follow to help maintain security, which may involve downloading antivirus software or leaving devices at home.

Personal Information Security

Awareness of personal information security and its importance to consumers has been growing. When it comes to mobile technology, many mobile apps could pose a threat to people’s personal information. Vulnerabilities and unsecured applications can mean that information such as personal data, location and system and network settings are revealed to those who shouldn’t be seeing them.

Infographic Design By University of Alabama Birmingham