Nominations are now being accepted for this year’s Computing Security Awards which take place on Thursday 17 October at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in London City.

If an organisation’s security is compromised, what are the consequences? In the best case scenario, its mild inconvenience. But it can be far worse. There may be an immediate term financial impact for an organisation that’s hit by a denial of service attack. And if data is stolen, there could be many other longer-term implications for both the organisation and its customers – or perhaps its citizens if the victim of the theft happens to be a national government.

The Computing Security Awards were set up to recognise the solutions and the solution providers which have been particularly impressive in the fight against security threats. They are asking for nominations to be put forward for those you feel are most worthy. Your nominations will determine the finalists.

To make your nominations please visit this link. The deadline for nominations to be received is 26 July 2019.

For more information about this year’s Computing Security Awards, please visit this link.