Let’s explore how a single sing on can improve usability and security while also integrating with leading identity management solutions on the market.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Firmex is a worldwide provider of VDR, also known as virtual data room. The company also focuses on sharing solutions in which clients can distribute secure documents more securely. Currently, there are over 140,000 different companies spanning across 110 total countries taking advantage of these impressive services. That’s more than half of the total number of UN member states which currently sits at 193.

This company has been a leading provider in the industry and recently made the news by announcing the option of a single sign on for customers of their virtual data room. A single sign on, or SSO, is significant because it blends the seamless workflow employees desire while also integrating the safety and security that employers need. This SSO is able to integrate with leading identity management providers to enable administrators to quite easily control which employees gain access to the VDR technology.

Among the benefits and features of single sing on technology, VDRs will gain an entire other layer of safety with the compatibility this feature has with Secure Assertion Markup Language, aka SAML 2.0 Standard. Single sign on also helps to greatly simplify the entire virtual data room experience and overall user management. This is where a number of users can be managed from one single location by using the identity management provider.

Companies who have already been working with this company will enjoy a seamless integration of the single sign on service. As long as businesses use identical credentials when accessing their virtual data room, as well as a host of other services offered by the company, they’ll be able to unlock a much more secure and streamlined login process.

The CEO of the company, Joel Lessem, recently spoke to the public about this major transition and what it means for the business overall. He mentioned that the integration of single sing on through the recent update of the virtual data rooms is a reflection of the company’s commitment to providing a continuously improved product based off of feedback and insights from customers. Joel mentioned that the company is always striving to offer an ideal combination of value, versatility, control, and security for their loyal clients.

The CEO continued on to explain that the company has seen an increased adoption of their virtual data room technology by many corporate users who wish to share information that is confidential outside of a firewall in order to accomplish critical processes on every level of their organization including supply chains, finance, compliance, and corporate development.

With any new update or launch, clients always want to know how the new will integrate with the old. If there are any hiccups or incompatibilities, it could cause major problems for businesses who have been happy with the software as it is. This is a struggle that all companies who wish to improve their current services face.

Fortunately, the integration of the single sign on technology with the rest of the company’s offerings wasn’t an issue. It integrates well with Microsoft Active Directory, Okta, and OneLogin. There are even more integrations being planned for the future. Current users were also happy to know that the addition of SSO came at no additional charge. Those joining the standard subscription will also not have to pay extra for this feature. You can find more information about the single sign on technology at the company’s Knowledge Base.

About the Company

This company is a leading provider of solutions for sharing secure documents as well as virtual data room technology. The company has a global reach with clients around the world. The organization has made a note to support complex processes to businesses of all shapes and sizes. This includes litigation, compliance, and diligence. When professionals have a need to distribute sensitive information outside of the firewall, they turn to this company as their trusted provider. A subscription to these services offers clients a stress-free, safe, and simple way to share documents without complexity or hidden costs. Since 2006, this company has aided more than 140,000 organizations around the world handle confidential documents safely and securely.

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