GFCyber has appointed Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewicz as its Chief Corporate Affairs Officer and Professor Lisa Short as its Chief Research Officer.

Both are known for their contributions in business, technology and cyberspace.

 Washington, DC April 20, 2021The Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research (GFCyber) has appointed two internationally respected industry leaders Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewicz and Professor Lisa Short to head its executive leadership team for its foundation strategic expansion.

Dr Christina Liang-Boguszewicz, is a seasoned business transformation leader, a trusted C-level adviser, business psychologist, mental wellness & GRC policy expert with over 15+ years of leadership experience. She is known for her UAIME technique and is one of the pioneers in Singapore and Asia to combine Science and Technology in transforming organisation into a Profitable, Resilient, and SMART Corporation. She champions in aligning Organisation Growth with Human Capital x IoT x Blockchain and has delivered a good track record of projects globally. Dr Christina is the first Asian female to take on a leadership position at the foundation.

As the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for the foundation, Dr Christina will play an active role as a trusted advisor and strategic counsellor to the Chief Executive Officer. She will assist in establishing key regional offices as well as mental wellness program within cyberspace.  She will oversee Government Relations, Corporate Governance & Regulatory, Corporate Relations, Membership, Press and Media Relations.

Professor Lisa Short, is an internationally recognised global leader, multilateral industry-expert, innovator and advocate of digital-technology with a formidable breadth of pre-eminent expertise and an exceptional portfolio of acclaimed achievements over an executive career spanning more than 35years.

Under the aegis of Professor Lisa Short the Foundation will be positioned to be recognised as the collaborative international network and centre for academic and professional excellence, informed strategy and digital trustworthiness for organisations and governments across the globe. The cyberspace Research Division will serve as the critical connector for prescient cyber safety, innovation and advancements to the intrinsic relationship that the opportunities and benefits of digital trust and resilience have with the world’s digital footprint which continues to grow at a pace faster than the human mind can compute. Thinking in cyber, influencing the perspectives represents the continual investment in time, resources, praxis and wisdom that is the vision of the Research Division.

About GFCyber:

Global Foundation for Cyber Studies & Research (GFCyber), is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think tank comprising global cybersecurity experts, aims at producing research studies, providing advisory, and work on various aspects of classical, contemporary, and modern cyber related matters. It is a collaborative step in the direction that aims to dissect and address the cyber policy and technology issues prevailing in the modern hyper-connected world.

The foundation led by Professor Muhammad Khurram Khan, aspires to bring together experts from diverse backgrounds with key interest on cyberspace issues to stir an intellectual debate on different facets with an intersection between cyber policy and technology. Through consultation, advisory, research articles, independent analysis, policy papers, opinion pieces, discussions, lectures, and events, we aim to address the global cyberspace challenges and policy issues that affect every native of the digital world.

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