Cyber Insights for 9th November 2016 from The National Cyber Skills Centre

Another well-known name got added to the ever expanding list of cybercrime victims recently. Tesco can now sit alongside TalkTalk, eBay, LinkedIn and others in being compromised by an invisible enemy.


They confirmed that they had detected online criminal activity in 40,000 current accounts of their Tesco Bank customers. In order to mitigate further compromises, or fraudulent activity they suspended the accounts as they had witnessed sums in excess of thousands of pounds being syphoned off.


Further investigation led to the announcement that they believed only 9,000 customers had money taken from their accounts and they refunded the £2.5million that had been taken in total. Their initial assessment was that they had been hit by “a systematic & sophisticated attack” which they knew “exactly” of its nature.


This article was written by Stuart Wilkes on behalf of the National Cyber Skills Centre. To read the whole article, please click this link.