Don’t let your company culture increase the chance of a cyber attack. 

Millions of cyber-attacks are experienced each week with 90% of them associated with human error.

What have you done to reduce your people’s impact on your cyber security?

Despite the vital role that staff play in the chain of defence against cyber-attacks, many businesses still focus on technology-based solutions – instead of creating a cyber aware culture that educates and nurtures best practice.

Today, it’s no longer if your business suffers a cyber attack, but when.

So, while your staff might be more technologically aware than ever, that alone is not enough to either reduce the fundamental security mistakes made by UK businesses on a daily basis and the loss of trust, reputation and customers a data breach will bring.

Join other business leaders at C11 for a one-day Human Dimension Culture and Cyber Security Seminar and learn:

  • How to implement proven techniques to reduce potential risks in your business

  • How to identify the costly technical solutions your business doesn’t need

  • The importance of regularly questioning your business to assess the threat and the support levels needed

Seminar Leader

Jim Wheeler is a former Government Cyber Expert and was head of Cyber Culture at Deloitte. Today, he is the founder and CEO of Resolve Cyber.

Date & Time
29 November 2019 from 10.00am till 4.00pm

C11 Cyber Security and Digital Innovation Centre
Cotswold Avenue
Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park
GL13 9FB

Book your place today via this link.