The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are now upon us with consumers set to be tempted with bargains this weekend and beyond.

However, with the promise of ‘unmissable’ deals there is also an important message for consumers to consider. Ensuring your online accounts are as secure as possible before making the most of those offers is crucial and will help to defend against cyber criminals.

Last year we wrote a blog post about the increased risk of cyber criminals taking advantage of online shoppers at this time of year. We have also published guidance about how to shop online securely. This advice will help you avoid scams and help you with next steps if you have been unlucky enough to fall victim to cyber crime. 

To help online shoppers we have also been running a social media campaign which uses the 8 tips in our online shopping guidance. The campaign will help customers to focus on three important areas: preparing to shopwhile you are shopping and after you’ve shopped.   

So, before you go hunting the best deals take time to look at the guidance and connect with our social media platforms to ensure you are prepared for all the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

T-Mobile breach affects more than a million customers

Over a million T-Mobile customers have been affected following a data breach conducted by a cyber criminal.

The telecoms company confirmed last weekend that the malicious actor had obtained personal data, although financial data and passwords were not stolen.

In it’s disclosure notice, T-Mobile confirmed it had discovered and shut down the unauthorised access and had reported the incident to authorities. 

Even if passwords or financial data have not been stolen, it is still possible for criminals to use personal data steal identities and gain access to accounts. It’s important to remain aware of potential phishing scams following data breaches. The NCSC’s advice about this is worth reading following any data breaches.