Cyber Insights for 14th December 2016 from The National Cyber Skills Centre

It’s difficult not to reflect at this time of year, over the situations, events and experiences that have punctuated your life over the last fifty weeks or so. Technology, in all its forms, continues to evolve a fact that is not exactly new, but one that sometimes just requires renewed acknowledgement.

When I received my first ever computer back in the mid 1980’s I thought that the pinnacle of technological achievement had been reached. In my mind, there was no way that it could be improved. I completed it with a range of peripherals and developed it into my teenage self’s version of ‘mission control’. Within a scant few months the unstoppable evolution of technology had progressed and I had been disappointing left behind.

This article was written by Stuart Wilkes on behalf of the National Cyber Skills Centre. To read the whole article, please click this link.