Contact details of 4,000 customers were lost in a data breach. The housing association, Home Group, which provides rented homes to people in England and Scotland, said all affected customers had been informed.

The breach was discovered by a third party and reportedly within 90 minutes the vulnerability had been fixed.

The NCSC has issued advice about the increased possibility of people being targeted by phishing following data breaches. Anyone concerned about the security of their online accounts should follow the guidance in ‘Top tips for staying secure online’.

Research highlights flaws in charity defences

In a research study of 3,300 charities, 58% thought cyber crime a risk to their sector and 85% thought they were doing eveything they could to prevent fraud.

However, almost half didn’t have good practice protections in place and 53% who had been affected by fraud in the past 2 years knew the perpetrator.

The full findings can be found on the GOV.UK website at

In conjunction with charities, the NCSC has produced the Small Charity Guide which gives some free or low cost steps that can be implemented to increase protection against the most common types of cyber crime. Larger charities should use the Board Toolkit as their starting point.