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The UK Cyber Security Association is working to develop some key media partnerships that complement us and our mission statement.

We have chosen our media partnerships carefully, based on where we and they deliver the most value to our members. As a membership organisation we continually enhance and invest in our skills and expertise for our members, and this is reflected in the event partners we have chosen to work with.

Counter Terror Business Magazine

Counter Terror Business magazine, launched in 2010, is a specialist digital publication distributed on a tightly controlled, fully requested basis to 8,000 heads of security, intelligence officers, procurement officials and department heads in local and central government. Its target audience includes the Intelligence Services, Police, Ambulance, Fire, and Rescue Services, Home Office, Ministry of Defence, Armed Forces, Environment Agencies, Border Control Agencies, Customs, Aviation and Port Authorities. Also included in its distribution are heads of private sector concerns and other organisations involved in security and defence. 

Editorially we regularly run features on: Counter Terrorism strategies, the latest news stories from Local and Central Government, the Armed Forces and National Defence strategies, CBRN, Terrorism and Organised Crime, Fraud, Identity Theft, Cyber Terrorism and Security, Emergency Planning, Crisis Management and Public Safety, Event Security, Specialist Training, UAV and Counter-UAV technologies and much more. Additional digital copies are also e-distributed at key exhibitions through the year, where we are Media Partner to the sectors’ leading events.

Some worrying Statistics


Detected Attacks

and 25% of Large Firms experience a breach at least once per month




of all businesses set cyber security standards
for their suppliers



Have Written

a formal written cyber security policy to protect their business



Recommended Action

to identify risks
from Cyber Attacks

Stay Safe, Stay Sure, BE SECURE!

Cyber attacks are being performed every second of every day.

You must review your current Cyber defences and continue to have them tested by professional organisations.

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